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equine artist's reference series

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84 Large, Full-Color Images in Each Book

Each image fills an entire 14 x 11 inches/35.5 x 28 cm page and you will find both landscape and portrait format photos.

Extensive, Royalty-Free Usage Rights

Work freely without having to worry about copyright violations or royalty payments! Read more in the FAQ.

Spiral Binding & Thick Paper

Sturdy spiral binding and thick, quality paper allow for the books to lie perfectly flat. No weighing pages down with random objects!

Something for Everyone!

Regardless of your medium or technique there is a book for you. Some may appeal more to sculptors, others may be a delight for flatwork or model horse artists. Professional, amateur, young, old... all are welcome to explore their creativity through the these unique books.

Detailed Cross-Index

All horses are identified by breed, age, and gender (as long as known) and are also cross-indexed. If a horse appears in more than one of my reference books, it is easily identified by its individual ID which can be found in the Cross Index column on the Contents page.

Conformation Unaltered

Conformation and anatomy are guaranteed to be unretouched and unaltered in every image.

The books in the Equine Artist's Reference Series are print-on-demand publications printed by and sold through MagCloud. Clicking on the buttons below will take you to their website. The MagCloud terms & conditions apply to all orders. The Dune Creative Newsletter Welcome Discount can not be applied to these books. If you have any questions about the ordering process or if there are any issues with your order, please contact MagCloud, not me. I am happy to answer questions about the contents and usage of these books, but I have nothing to do with payment, production, or shipping.


A book full of adorable Rocky Mountain Horse and Arabian horse foals! Standing, moving, lying down, headshots... simply a wide assortment of sweet baby photos. All foals are young (from newborn to ten days old). Warning: You may swoon from cuteness overload!

This book is great for all artists, regardless of medium and technique, as well as for students of equine anatomy and biomechanics.

Sample image spreads
All images contained in the book can be previewed on the MagCloud website.
Close-Ups of Bodies in Action

Arabian Horse Edition (contains only Arabian horse images)


This book's title is self-explanatory - you will find close-up body shots or horses performing different movements (as well as a couple of standing shots for comparison). Walk, trot, canter, gallop, and more!

Primarily of interest for sculptors and anatomy students, this book will also prove useful for model horse painters who wish to study hair direction in detail. An excellent complement to Unusual Angles & Dynamic Action.

Sample image spreads
All images contained in the book can be previewed on the MagCloud website.