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Welcome to my last-ever round of model horse commission submissions! After these last ones are completed I am well and truly done with painting model horses and will focus on more traditional art forms instead. So this is your very last chance!


First of all, and this is very important: You can't just book a slot. I will only work with projects I find interesting enough. Like every painting artist I am prone to like the work of certain sculpting artists more than others, and I like (and paint) some colors better as well.


Before we move on I need to bring up something I find to be of great importance. Although I rarely if ever make political and/or social commentary in business settings, this needs to be said:


June is Pride Month. I was brought up to believe in social justice and equal rights for all. Ever since my early teens I have had plenty of friends in the LGBTQIA+ community and I am a fervent supporter of their rights to live safely, happily, and as their true and authentic selves. So what does this have to do with model horse commissions, you may ask? Everything. I refuse to paint sculptures by artists who who are known to engage in the spreading of hateful rhetoric and anti-LGBTQIA+ propaganda. It doesn't matter how rare, expensive, or beautiful that sculpture is.  I will not judge anyone for buying or owning these pieces as many customers may not be aware that that the artist(s) do indeed hold and promote these views. I need only look at myself, as I in the distant past did paint pieces by a few of them as I was unaware of their senseless hatred at the time. I would not have done so, had I known. I want to emphasize that I will never knowingly support bigotry or ignorance and there is no money in the world that could persuade me to work on pieces created by artists who hate human beings - my friends - simply for existing and trying to live their lives. If you offer sculptures by these artists up to me, they will be ignored without further comment. If this is not to your liking, please find another artist.

Moving on: Please read EVERYTHING carefully. In fact, please read everything twice. I have had major problems this year with customers who have not bothered to read my terms carefully and it has caused a lot of stress in various ways. At the risk of sounding sour and draconian: At this point I have absolutely zero tolerance for problematic customers and there will be no leeway or grace periods given whatsoever. If I have not done business with you previously I will check the Model Horse Transaction Board. One or more reds will result in automatic rejection. Recent problematic transactions is also why I no longer accept time payments unless you and I have a previous, unproblematic history of doing time pays. I do wish I could offer time pays to everyone but I can no longer bear the financial impact of late payments (or worse, no payment at all) as it has had some pretty serious effects on my finances during a time when I needed it the least.

I really am very friendly and am generally super-happy to answer your questions, but be aware that I will not reply to questions that have already been answered below. Also, please don't ask me to make exceptions. When I say "no 3D prints" I really do mean "no 3D prints", regardless of who printed them and in what material, and I am not interested in explaining why. And no, I'm not going to negotiate a later payment or shipping date. For better or worse, this is what it is and you need to gracefully take it or leave it. 

Sculpts I will work with

Hollow-cast artist resins and very large medallions ONLY. Accepted sizes for full-body resins are Traditional, Classic, Venti, and large Stablemate but size may influence what painting method and medium I am able to use (read more below). No Eberl resins regardless of casting method or caster, they are beautiful but the way she sculpts manes and tails kills my brushes. However, if the mane AND tail have been completely resculpted I will consider it. Absolutely NO Breyers, Stones, 3D printed models (regardless of material) or micro minis. I will not work with resins that have been stripped of previous paintwork.

Prepped models ONLY

The piece MUST be prepped to a professional standard with GRAY primer. However, please know that my prepwork standards are very, very high and that I have yet to see a professionally prepped model that meets those standards - there has *always* been something that needed to be fixed. If the additional prepwork takes me *more* than 15 minutes I will charge you for this work at a rate of SEK 500 per started hour. Obviously I will not know if additional prepping is needed until I have the horse in hand, so these charges - if any - will be added to the final shipping bill. If you send me a very badly prepped model I reserve the right to send it back to you at your expense. I am not in any way willing to do a major overhaul, only minor things that were missed by an otherwise good prep artist.


I will only airbrush Traditional-sized models, no other sizes will be considered. Medallions will be determined on a case-by-case basis. All work will have a satin finish - I dislike flat matte finishes and will not use that type of varnish under any circumstance. Please be aware that some colors turn out better in airbrush than in oils and vice versa. I will be happy to discuss this with you to ensure I can achieve the best possible results. Please read more under "Oils".


Oil painting is generally only available for Classic, Venti, and large Stablemate scales as well as medallions. I may make an exception for a Traditional-sized horse if it something I am highly interested in working with AND if I feel the color you would like would look better in oils than in airbrush. All work will have a satin finish - I dislike flat matte finishes and will not use that type of varnish under any circumstance.


All prices will be set individually, depending upon complexity and factors such as size and mane/tail design and how difficult they will be to detail. I do not have a set price list. To give you some idea of the price range: Please expect a complex color such as an airbrushed dapple grey to cost no less than SEK 22,000 (approx US$ 2,100), not including return postage, invoicing fees, customs fees, or prepping fees (if necessary). An oil-painted dapple grey Stablemate would cost around SEK 7,000 (approx $650).

Payment details

If I agree to work with you and you accept the quoted price, then payment IN FULL (excluding return postage/insurance and any additional prepping fees) to be made within seven (7) days upon formal notification of commission acceptance and in accordance with my instructions. NO TIME PAYMENTS (unless you are a returning customer with whom I have an unproblematic history of time pays). If payment is not made on time you lose your slot. I can accept online payments either through Stripe (all major credit cards) or PayPal. Both are verified business accounts. PayPal payments are subject to a SEK 300 invoicing fee. I may accept partial trades for certain unpainted and unprepped medallions by Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig (particularly her Arabians). All payments are non-refundable unless I do not hold up my end of the bargain. Return postage, insurance costs, and any additional fees are due upon completion and will be calculated at that time.

Shipping to me

The horse MUST be shipped to me in accordance with my instructions within seven (7) days of formal commission acceptance. If you do not ship within this time frame you will lose your sIot and any monies paid will be refunded. Any and all fees not refunded by the payment provider will be subtracted from your refund. Obviously I recommend shipping first and paying me after the horse has gone out. If you live outside the European Union your horse will be subject to customs fees and taxes when it arrives in Sweden. It is your responsibility to cover those fees within 48 hours once I have received the ransom note from Swedish Customs and have let you know how much you owe. I am not going to front the cost and have you pay later. If you do not pay on time your horse will be refused by customs and returned to you. If I accept your commission request, we will discuss this matter in detail pre-shipping and I will help you calculate what you might expect, fee-wise.

Completion time

I am highly motivated to finish all commissions as quickly as possible without compromising quality. I am free to start immediately and I will not be dragging my heels as I am incredibly eager to put my model horse painting days behind me. That being said, I am not interested in working with overly demanding customers looking over my shoulder and bugging me every other day. I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a genetic connective tissue disorder causing severe and chronic pain. It is unpredictable and it is also greatly exacerbated by doing airbrush paint work, meaning I sometimes have to take days off at a time to rest. I do not need the additional stress of someone constantly poking me about their horse. I cannot guarantee a completion date beyond "as soon as I am able to" as my health takes precedence, but depending upon level of complexity I would guesstimate completion within 2-4 months for airbrush work. Oil painted horses will take a minimum of six months to complete, possibly longer.

Submit a Request

Last date to submit a request is Saturday, June 10 at 6 PM/18:00 CET (Central European Time). You can check current CET here:

Late submissions will not be considered. Once the deadline has been met I will review all requests and make my final decisions within two to three days. If I have any questions I will ask you for clarification and once I have all the details I need I will provide you with a price quote that you are free to accept or reject.   Remember: If your request is accepted by me and you accept the quoted price, full payment is due within seven days of formal notification of acceptance. The model must also be shipped out to me within seven days. 

Please use the contact form below to send me the required information. I will confirm that I have received your submission  within 24 hours - please check your spam filter if you have not heard from me within that time frame as my replies occasionally end up there. If you still can't find anything, please contact me again. I recommend adding dunedesignstudio [ a t ] AND hello [ a t ] to your address book.

Please include the following : 

  1. Name of resin and sculptor. If possible please include a link to the resin on a website such as Resin Horse Editions.

  2. Whether you want the horse painted in oils or airbrush. Remember: Airbrush is Trad only, oils generally all sizes except Trad (with possible exceptions). 

  3. What color you would like the horse painted. A general idea is fine, such as "medium dapple gray" or "non-dapple bay minimal sabino". I will not paint appaloosas or extensive white pinto patterns at this time. I also do not have any great love in my heart for painting non-contrasty dilutes such as cremellos and perlinos.


Thank you for your interest!

Commission Request
Please include all details as listed above. Thank you!

Thanks for submitting! Please check your spam filter if you have not heard back from me within 24 hours.

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