fundraising for ukraine

When and How?

The fundraiser will start on March 3rd at 8 pm/20:00 Central European Time, and end on March x, 8 PM/20:00 CET. Items will be shipped on or around March X and will be mailed as extra secure parcels requiring a signature on receipt. 

Most of my current inventory is included in the fundraiser. All you need to do is buy something marked with "X% to Ukraine" from my shop and I will take care of the rest. Please note that due to logistical problems I am unable to include print-on-demand items such as calendars in the fundraiser.


I will donate a certain amount of each sale, ranging from 50% to 100%, minus postage costs, VAT, and credit card processing fees. The percentage donated will be clearly detaile. (Please note that although I offer "free shipping" there really is no such thing - I don't charge you extra for shipping but I still have to pay for it, hence the need to deduct postage costs.) 

It takes about three business days to receive my payouts from Stripe, so once the final payout has been received (on or around March X) I will make one collective donation to UNHCR. A report detailing the results of the fundraiser, including a receipt for my donation to the UNHCR, will be mailed out privately to all customers as soon as I have had time to compile all of the material. No personal customer details will be given out, only the final financial details.

The Recipient


After taking many aspects into consideration, I have decided to donate all raised funds to the UNHCR, the United Nations Refugee Agency. One of the main reasons I have chosen UNHCR is because all donations made to their Ukraine campaign during March will be matched 100% by the Akelius Foundation. This means that all the money raised through this fundraising effort will be doubled. 

UNHCR & Akelius Foundation press release (in Swedish, but you can use Google Translate to read it in your language)

As someone who loves animals dearly, it might seem strange that I am not donating to one of the organizations focusing on helping our beloved companions. However, as someone wise once told me: "When you help the humans, you also help the animals."



Azawakh sculpture

If you are looking for something truly unique that you can not only see but also touch, a commissioned sculpture may be exactly what you are looking for. They are often easier to move and place than flat artwork, and offer infinite possibilities of variation depending on how and where you place them. Just turning it slightly will offer you a new perspective.

Bas-relief plaques and medallions are an affordable alternative to large, three-dimensional sculptures and I am able to produce them from start to finish. The sculpting, mold-making, casting, and finishing are all done right here in my own studio (castings in polyurethane resin only). Bas-relief castings are easy to ship and store while still being highly decorative. My ability to cast large, three-dimensional sculptures is currently somewhat limited, but I can refer to a number of casting companies that would be happy to help you meet your needs and wishes. I would also be happy to work with a foundry of your own choice if you are looking to have a sculpture cast in bronze or other type of metal.


If you are a show organizer, you know how custom-made awards are highly appreciated and how they add a sense of luxury to a show. I would be happy to work with you to develop an award that suits you needs, whether it be a large trophy or a small plaque.


All custom sculpture work is individually priced and depends on a number of factors. Please contact me with your thoughts and ideas for a quote.

“It is good to love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is well done.”

― Vincent Van Gogh