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Meet "Tamenzut", an original sculpture based on my own Azawakh, Cleo. It captures the wisdom and contemplative nature of the older dog, and is small enough to fit anywhere but large enough not to disappear amongst other items in your home. 


This bust was sculpted from scratch in 2018 and has been cast in high-quality polyurethane resin in the artist's studio. I complete every step myself - from sculpting to mold-making to casting to prep work to finishing. The only thing I did not have a hand in is the wooden base, which was ordered specially from a small woodworking business in the UK. The sculpture measures (including the base) 120 mm high, 135 mm long and 85 mm wide (5" x 5.25" x 3.3"). 


This piece was painted a light bronze with acrylic paints containing real metal pigments and then treated with a blue patina. . Once properly dry it was given several coatings of a varnish containing UV protection. It is permanently mounted on its wooden base.

Azawakh Sculpture

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