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In February of 2020 I returned to Egypt for the first time in ten years. I spent eight glorious days photographing Arabian horses at some of the most well-known breedings farms in the world, and returned home with a treasure trove of 12,000 photos. The Misr Mini Medallions are inspired by these very photographs, and an hommage to the mezmerizing country, people, and horses of Egypt. "Misr" is the Arabic name for Egypt, simply meaning "country". Part of the tradition of this term in as a name for Egypt comes from the Islamic Quran. The term can also mean "fortress", or "castellated" which refers to the natural protective borders of Egypt which protected the country from invaders.


Set Nr. 1 consists of four square-shaped bas-relief medallions depicting two stallions, a mare, and a young filly. I named them after the seasons:


  • The filly "Rabiya" (spring)
  • The stallion "Seyf" (summer)
  • The stallion "Kharif" (autumn)
  • The mare "Mashta'a" (winter)

The castings measure approximately 2.7 x 2.7 inches/68 x 68 mm.

You will be receiving unpainted and unprepped sculptures, cast in white polyurethane resin. The sculptures are intended to be prepped and primered (instructions can be found here) and painted it in your choice of color and medium. Please be aware that the sculptures should be kept out of daylight until such a time that it can be painted as PU resin is sensiti