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Muzeera (meaning "breeze of heaven") is a bas-relief sculpture of an Arabian mare with a windblown mane. 


This is one of the very few Muzeera castings I have chosen to paint myself. The casting was hand cast by in top quality polyurethane resin, carefully prepped, and then painted with copper acrylic paint containing real metallic pigments. The sculpture was then patinated with a turquoise patina, and finally received several coats of a satin varnish with UV protection. The back side is smooth and painted plain copper. Muzeera comes complete with the clear acrylic stand shown.


Muzeera represents what I think if as one of the quintessential types of Arabian head. I wanted to capture the slightly shorter, more robust head with deep jowls and a dish that was typical but neither unhealthy nor extreme. 

Muzeera is set on a background plate decorated with tiny hieroglyphs. I deliberately made it a little less than perfect - the hieroglyphs are faded in places, and the surface is a little uneven, buckled, and "damaged" here and there. Although much of the art of ancient Egypt is remarkably well-preserved, time stands still for no-one and I wanted to reflect that in this piece. It's a reminder to take care of that which matters to you and to go see as many of the wonders of the world as you can before they are gone.

This is a large piece, measuring 6.1"/15.5 cm wide and 7.1"/18 cm high. 

Muzeera - Copper & Turquoise Patina

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