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You will receive five (5) ornaments. Three (3) of the first one shown, one (1) of the second, and one (1) of the third.


Christmas is just around the corner! This is my popular sighthound miniature head study. It was originally sculpted as an Azawakh but it's been a hit with all sorts of sighthound lovers - from smooth Saluki to Whippets to Lurchers. I have cast the original small ornament in a larger setting, making this version 4 cm/1.57" in diameter. The bead combination is 4 cm/1.57" long.


As I am no longer producing these ornaments, these are the very last ones available.

The ornaments have been cast in high quality polyurethane resin and then cleaned, primered and painted white. I sprinkled glitter over and into the paint (front and back) and then added a combination of beads. For a final touch a Christmas-y ribbon has been added. These items are very sparkly but unfortunately also difficult to photograph... if you've ever had to take a pic of something that glitters you'll know what I'm talking about!


Please be aware that even though the glitter was sprinkled and patted down over wet paint and is fairly secure, it is still bound to shed and rub off a bit. It is a fickle material and I recommend that you try and handle the ornament by the ribbon and avoid touching the glitter-covered parts to minimize the risk of rubbing the sparklies off.


The image is of sample items, and the ones you receive may differ slightly from those pictured (mostly the amount of glitter and its placement, because that material is supremely difficult to control).

Set of 5 Sighthound Christmas Ornaments

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