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Have you ever wished for affordable reference and/or source photography to help you create your equine art? Look no further! The Equine Artist's Reference Series is an economical way to access 84 large, full-color, royalty-free photographs from which you can work freely - all for just a tad more than $1 per image! Each image fills an entire 14 x 11 inches/35.5 x 28 cm page and you will find both landscape and portrait format photos (see sample images for examples of layout). 

These are not pretty coffee table type books with romantic imagery of Friesians at sunset, but rather collections of photos that can be hard to find. Although they may be of most use for sculptors, I feel confident they will be inspirational for flatwork artists as well.

Conformation and anatomy are guaranteed to be unretouched and unaltered in every image.


Only minimal editing has been done. I have done my best to edit in a way that is useful to equine artists while still remaining true to the horse as it was in the instant it was captured by the camera. I have not retouched or removed things I normally would when editing, such as nicks, cuts, scars, and dirt stains. I have also stayed careful not to exaggerate contrast, detail levels, and sharpening in order to remain as true to life as possible. Lens correction has been applied to minimize zoom lens distortion. You should expect for some images to be a little "soft" or have slight partial blur - this is due to either a short depth of field or slight motion blur. I opted to include these photos despite this due to the interesting angle and/or movement.


All horses are cross-indexed. If a horse appears in another one of my reference books, it is easily identified by its individual ID which can be found in the Cross Index column on the Contents page.

Each book is 14 x 11 inches/35.5 x 28 cm. They have Wire-O (spiral) binding and will lie flat on a table. 

The books are intended for usage in multiple ways. They are primarily designed to be used as a source and/or reference  for original artwork, but they are also designed to be helpful for those who wish to study equine anatomy and biomechanics. 


As long as you are the owner of one of these books, you can: 


  • Use all images - in full or in part - as sources and/or references for any type of original artwork. Both traditional and digital methods are permitted.

  • Sell the original works you have created. You may also create editions from your originals, and these may also be sold. You may do so for as long as you wish, and you are not required to pay me any royalties. Owning this book is enough. 

  • There is no limit to how many works you can create, nor is there a limit to the type of art mediums you can use. 

This is a limited excerpt of the usage rights and permissions. The full text can be found in each book.

The books in the Equine Artist's Reference Series are print-on-demand publications printed by and sold through MagCloud. Clicking on the buttons below will take you to their website. The MagCloud terms & conditions apply to all orders. If you have any questions about the ordering process or if there are any issues with your order, please contact MagCloud, not me. I am happy to answer questions about the contents and usage of these books, but I have nothing to do with payment, production, or shipping.

Please be aware that these are print-on-demand books, a technique which comes with a certain set of image printing limitations. The image printing quality cannot compare to high-end photo books from specialized publishing houses. 

Heads, necks, & close-up details

This book contains multiple images from different angles as well as close-up details of ears, eyes, and muzzles. You can get up close and personal with mouth wrinkles, or compare and contrast a draft horse with an Arabian. A wide range of ages, including foals.


This book is heavy on Arabian horse imagery, but it also includes photos of other breeds such as the Exmoor Pony, the North Swedish Draft Horse, and the Rocky Mountain Horse.

Sample image spreads
Unusual angles & dynamic action

Arabian Horse Edition (contains only Arabian horse images)

A book full of images of unusual poses and angles. Rearing, bucking, turning, stopping... if you are looking for something original you will be sure to find it in this book! Stallions and mares of varying ages and types are portrayed (no young foals).

Sample image spreads
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