Frequently Asked Questions


What payment methods do you accept?

I accept all major credit cards though Stripe. I can also accept direct bank transfers through Wise. If you live in Sweden you may also send payments through Swish.


Please note that I no longer accept PayPal.


Why don't you accept PayPal?

I would like to begin to state that both my personal and business PayPal accounts are still active and in perfectly good standing. I still use them to purchase things off and on. However, during 2021 I actively decided to stop accepting business PayPal payments due to their high fees and poor currency conversion rate


The PayPal fees are higher than any other payment processor I have looked at, and they increased them even further during the latter half of 2021. They also have a very poor currency conversion rate, meaning that whenever I accepted a payment in a currency other than my own (Swedish Krona) I effectively lost money with every single transaction.


My business is small, with even smaller financial margins. Using PayPal simply is not sustainable from a financial point of view, especially not considering I get lower fees and a better conversion rate with just about every other payment processor.

It is very unfortunate that PayPal has managed to convince people that their payment method and their buyer/sell protection is somehow superior to those of other payment processors. If you use a debit or credit card you will have automatic protection through your bank/card issuer, and Stripe (which is the processor I use now) has their own buyer protection policies. Just because someone doesn't accept PayPal doesn't mean they are trying to scam you. Personally, I just want to make sure I can keep my business running without a hitch and without paying through my nose in fees. That's all.


May I use one of your photographs as an art reference?

If you would like to use one of my photographs as a reference for any sort of artwork (painting, drawing, sculpting, etc.) I require that you pay a licensing fee. My pricing is very reasonable! Please contact me and let me know a) which photo(s) you are interested in using, b) the medium(s) you plan on using in your artwork(s), and c) if the art is for personal use or intended to be resold. I will get back to you as soon as possible with a price quote.


Please be aware that there are some photos that I am not willing to license at this time as I intend to keep them for my own personal reference usage.


Do you accept flatwork commissions based on photos?

If I have time and feel I can do the subject justice, yes. However, please be aware that unless you yourself have taken the photo, you will need the photographer's permission to have the image used as an art reference. I require written and signed proof of permission before accepting to work from an image.


Please be aware that not all photographs are suitable to use as reference, at least not if I am to be the artist. They may be lacking the necessary detail that I prefer in order for me to do a good job. If I feel that I will not be able to do satisfactory work based on your photograph I will decline to work from it. Very often, people would like to commission a work of art of a beloved animal that has passed away, and all they have are a handful of old snapshots. As I get older my eyesight is aging with me, and I find it very difficult to work from photos that are not sharp, detailed, well-lit and of large enough size.


There are some wonderfully skilled artists out there who can create truly magical portraits from seemingly impossible reference photographs. Unfortunately, I am not one of them. If I decline to work from a photo of you beloved friend, please know that it is because I feel I do not have the skillset necessary to portray him or her in a deserving manner.


I own an older work of yours. May I restore and/or alter it?

Careful restoration of issues such as scratches, breaks, etc. is perfectly ok as long as it is done with great consideration of and respect for my original intent. You do not need to ask.


Do you accept model horse commission work?

I am sorry, but no. I have health issues that are aggravated by painting model horses and I am in the process of permanently shelving that part of my artistic career. I may have a few final pieces available for sale in 2022 that will be sold via high offer. If you are interesting in hearing about thse pieces when they become available, I recommend that you subscribe to my email newsletter.